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COUNTYSHARE™ sites resource section provide links and resources that will help keep you current with updates and information from credible sources related to the Novel Coronavirus 2019 COVID-19 global pandemic emergency.

We are working hard to get the most relevant resources with credible information on all our community sites for each county.  Our sites won’t be fully functional but they will at least serve a purpose of trying to help fight this global pandemic battle.  We will be creating a page for each county dedicated to information about the coronavirus 2019 global emergency pandemic soon.

We are also working hard to bring all the COUNTYSHARE™ community features for our county community sites to help you discuss and inform the community of news, updates and resources to help with this time of emergency.  Each site is independent of one another as far as content and information as we work to keep each site related to the area and not get too far off topic from things happening and related to each county.  We encourage everyone to help support the fight and save lives during this health crisis. 

With our limited resources we are working to produce credible information for the area that is "Ground Zero" (King County, Washington).  Next we will put other sites that have been affected the most by the virus which currently are counties up and down the west coast.  We appreciate any help and support with our cause and mission to help communities like yours stay as healthy as possible.

If you feel there is something that should be included please submit it in our community ideas for local resources on this site or community ideas on our COUNTYSHARE™ site for resources that should be included on county specific sites.

COUNTYSHARE™ is a private company with a mission to help local communities gain valuable information and resources using our online community powered social networking platform. We have not "turned a profit" or came even close to our return on investment so any contributions are welcome as we are doing this currently entirely out of private funds and resources. Helping spread word about the Coronavirus 2019 COVID-19 aligns with our current mission and we are all in on the current health crisis issue!

If feel you are experiencing a life-threatening health related issue DIAL 9-1-1

Mason County WA Blog

Mason County Community Blog


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