• Mason County is a perfect getaway!

    Come visit Mason County and Hood Canal. We are a fabulous destination
    for singles, couples and weekend getaway fun! Check out www.explorehoodcanal.com to learn more.
  • Oysters Tasting: Hama Hamas

    Left Coast, Hama Hama Oysters from Hood Canal, Washington
  • "Taste of Mason County" Seeks Vendors

    An upcoming event in Mason County will offer music, art, food and more... and organizers are looking for restaurants and caterers interested in participating.

    A "Taste of Mason County" will be held between 5 and 9pm on February 6, as part of the Ludington and Scottville Winter Thaw Out. The event is open to all area restaurants, grocers, caterers and individuals with local food products; the goal of the event is to generate traffic in the Ludington and Scottville areas.

    The "Taste Of Mason County" event will feature music and local art as well as restaurants and food; 200 tickets will be available to the event.

    For anyone interested in setting up a booth or just learning more about the event, you can call Megan Payment at 845-0324.
  • The adventure begins in Mason County!

    Come visit Mason County and Hood Canal. We are a recreation destination
    and Seattle's first choice for "staycations" and weekend getaway fun! Check out www.explorehoodcanal.com to learn more.
  • Mason County, Washington State....A hidden gem!

    Thinking of moving to Mason County? I specialize in this Hidden Gem area of the Great Northwest. Contact Debbie Black for your real estate interest in Mason County.

    Segment from show Local Masters Shelton
  • Oyster Fest - Mason County Realtors Association: Rockfeller Oysters Part 2

    Live performance on Saturday, Oct 3 2009
  • Washington Farmer's Market - Sept. 17 & 24

    Saturday, September 17th @ Huber's Gasthaus
    2312 Friendly Grove Rd. NE, Olympia, WA

    Saturday, September 24th @ Hoodsport Mason County
    Enjoy a scenic drive down Hwy 101
    to our spectacular water front venue.

    For more information find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002635084286


    Camera work: TheRockinTW
    Music by: Michael Coucoules http://www.facebook.com/mrcoucoules
    Special Guest: Steve Elliott - www.tokeofthetown.com
    Editing and Production: JustintimeHD & TheRockinTW
  • Sideways Reign

    When The Water Comes at the Robin Hood Restaurant in Union, WA
  • Oyster Fest - Mason County Realtors Association Booth: Rockfeller Oysters Part 1

    Live performance on Saturday Oct 3, 2009
  • Board of County Commissioners: Regular Meeting - 04.17.19

    Welcome to the Board of County Commissioners: Regular Meeting - 04.17.19

    Click "SHOW MORE" to view the agenda as well as other information.

    RECOGNITION -2019 Theodore Roosevelt Hillsborough Forever Conservation Award
    PROCLAMATION-April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
    COMMENDATION-2019 Hillsborough County Women's Hall of Fame
    COMMENDATION-Tampa Bay Technical HS Girls Basketball Team
    Changes to Agenda
    Public Comments
    Consent Agenda Approval
    Item D-1: To Amend the Animal Services Fee Schedule Policy
    Item D-2: Animal Control Ordinance
    Item D-3: Creek Preserve Subdivision
    Item D-4: Belmont Townhomes Parcel C Subdivision
    Item F-10: Tampa Bay Estuary Program Director Ed Sherwood
    Item F-4: Hillsborough County's State Legislative Program
    Item F-6: 6th % Tourist Development Tax
    Item F-2: Authorize a pilot cat rescue sterilization program
    Item F-9: Pilot Awareness Training Program by the US Institute Against Human Trafficking
    Item F-5: Institute of Applied Engineering
    Item E-1: Martine Collier, Executive Director, Arts Council of Hillsborough County
    Item F-11: Little Manatee South area
    Item F-12: New Interstate 75 interchange affecting the Little Manatee South Community
    Item B-1: Approve a Funding Agreement with Florida Housing Coalition, Inc
    Item B-2: Approve Board of County Commissioners' Rules of Order
    Item B-3: Hillsborough County Budget Development Process Study Report
    Item B-4: Approve the East 131st Avenue Improvements Project
    Item B-5: Allocating up to $75,000 to Housing First Steps Forward, Inc
    Item B-6: Realign Public Utilities Department FY 2019 Capital Improvement Program
    Item C-1: Presentation on the Reorganization of the County Administrator's Office FY 2019
    Item C-2: Presentation to the BOCC on the FY 20 - 21 Budget Process.
    Item F-1: Arts Council of Hillsborough County
    Item F-3: Policy for BOCC consideration
    Item F-7: Zero Tolerance for Human Trafficking
    Item F-8: Health in All Policies Resolution
    Item G-1: To address hourly lodging rentals in an effort to curtail human trafficking
    Item G-2: Report from the Department of Head Start/Early Head Start
    Item G-3: Naming a playground at All People's Life Center for Becki Forsell
    Item G-4: Receive a report on residential solid waste collection services
    Future Items
    Public Comments