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Oakland Bay Pet Lodge


Oakland Bay Pet Lodge

Oakland Bay Pet Lodge
Oakland Bay Pet Lodge

4485 E. State Route 3
Shelton, WA 98584

Phone: (360) 427-3940
65 5 0
  • Lake Limerick - Shelton, WA

    We went fishing for Tyler's Birthday on July 3rd. Subscribe to Sirach Does!
  • Shelton Washington

  • Littlecreek casino in Shelton wa


    Segment from show Local Masters Shelton
  • 1267) Inside the Secret Word of Freemason

    Fill in the blanks based on what you listen:

    It's the world's most well-known secret society. Rich with symbols and ritual, it's the source of legends . . . parodies . . . and conspiracy theories (because so much organized crime uses the Masonic secret system and global network to be able to get away with murder and I mean murder).

    Welcome to the world of Freemasonry.

    True or false? The Masons are a secret society. "No. That's false".
    UCLA history professor Margaret Jacob, is one of the world's leading experts on Freemasonry.
    True or false? Freemasonry is a religion. "No, it's false".
    True or false? Masons were behind the American Revolution. "False, false, false"
    Okay, but what about on the dollar bill? The eye and pyramid?" That's masonic right?
    "No, everybody says it's Masonic. In fact, it's a commonplace in the 18th century, that particular set of symbols."

    True! Freemasons laid the cornerstone of America. Well, at least some of its most iconic structures. So what is Freemasonry? Simply put, it's the world's oldest and largest fraternity. Its membership of Who's Who of world history -- George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mozart, Davy Crockett, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Houdini, Gerald Ford, Henry Ford, John Wayne, even Colonel Sanders.

    If you want to be a Mason, you can petition a local lodge for membership. You'll need to demonstrate good character and belief in some sort of "Supreme Being". Oh, and in almost all lodges, it's men only.
    Next, you're up for a vote, says New York State Grand Master James Sullivan.
    "The lodge votes to accept you, and then you have your three degrees that you go through."

    Once you earn "the third degree" and yes, that's where the phrase comes from, you can join any number of Masonic off-shoots.
    Take Brent Morris. He's a 33rd degree Mason and a historian at the House of the Temple for the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction. You know it's that big building in Washington, D.C.

    This isn't like the Masonic Vatican, but it's an important building.
    "It's an important building, absolutely right. It's one branch of Freemasonry in the United States, and that's our headquarters building."

    Inside, the temple lodge room is a stunner. And downstairs, there's this.
    "This is the flag that Buzz Aldrin took to the Moon with him."
    This flag, Supreme Council 33rd Southern Jurisdiction went to the moon, wow!"

    Freemasonry began in medieval Europe as a guild for stonemasons, but lived on as a social organization.
    1717, the first grand lodge was created in London and now there are many men in these lodges that are not associated with a trade organization; they're 'gentleman Masons. They're not stonecutters. And so something has happened "

    A modern fraternity had been created.

    It wasn't long afterward that those conspiracy theories began.

    "All these men with different neighborhoods, different professions meeting in the cafe, breaking bread together, doing rituals -- what could this be? So the response on the part of the authorities was, Oh my God, this is a conspiracy!"

    And so in 1738 Pope Clement XII issued the Catholic Church's first decree against Freemasonry, and it still applies today.

    In the U.S., Freemasonry flourished until its secrecy made it the object of suspicion here, spawning America's first third party, the Anti-Masonic Party.

    Today, Freemasonry has about 1.3 million members in the U.S., down from 4 million in 1959.

    Among the members today: African-Americans, formerly relegated to a separate, black-only branch of Freemasonry.

    And then there are members like those in Colonial Lodge No. 1821 of Washington, D.C. Most of them are in their twenties, and some are attracted to Freemasonry by Dan Brown novels and movies like "National Treasure."

    Who here was sort of drawn by the mystery?
    "I think all of us. I think it's a combination of history, tradition and ritual as well. You know there's a ritual behind where it is."
    That's alluring.
    "I mean, that's the reason people join Freemasonry and not the Rotarians."

    So what about those secrets?

    What would happen if I found out the secret handshake and I weren't a Mason? You wouldn't have to kill me?
    "We might take you out and buy you a beer. The secrets of a Mason represent my integrity as a man. I took a promise that I would not tell you what the secrets of the Mason are. I didn't take a promise that I would care if you know what they are."
  • Mason County Home For Sale Shelton Real Estate Video Richard

    $288,950 Just reduced. 4 bed 2 bath on 1.25 acres. Near two lakes, State Parks and Puget Sound. Mason County Home for sale and Shelton real estate
  • Karen Brown's Washington Square Inn, San Francisco, California

    The Washington Square Inn in the city of San Francisco

    Facing historic Washington Square, The Washington Square Inn has a great location in North Beach with its wealth of wonderful little places to eat.

    Turn right out the door and walk up to admire the city and bay views from Coit Tower or turn left and stroll the few blocks to Chinatown.

    A two-minute walk finds you at the Mason cable car line which takes you to Pier 39 or Union Square.

    The inn is the quintessential "Karen Brown" property with a parade of delightful bedrooms decorated with predominantly French antiques and a welcoming staff that go the extra mile for guests.

    Because of its city location do not expect the majority of the rooms to be large in size.

    However room 8 with its window seat overlooking the park and cathedral and room 7 with its corner window looking towards Coit tower and the park are very spacious king-bedded rooms.

    Two very small rooms and two rooms with their dedicated bathroom across the hall are especially good value for money.

    A hearty breakfast is set out in the morning (breakfast can also be brought to your room), in the afternoon enjoy tea or wine and hors d'oeuvres in front of the fire, coffee and tea are always available.

    Travel your Dreams with Karen Brown!
  • Renton hotel, Econo Lodge, WA near Bellevue Square Shopping Mall

    Econo Lodge located in Renton, WA
    A hotel in Renton WA, Econo Lodge near Bellevue Square and Boeing Plant Factory

    » Welcome to Econo Lodge, Renton, WA

    The Econo Lodge® hotel is conveniently located in Renton, WA near the Boeing Plant Factory, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center and the practice facility for the Seattle Seahawks, which is across the road and can be seen from the hotel. Downtown Seattle and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac Airport) are also a short drive from Renton Econo Lodge, WA.

    The city of Bellevue is also close by. Bellevue Square shopping center has a variety of shops and restaurants, including major stores and intimate boutiques, sit-down restaurants and fast food. Bellevue is also home to many businesses, including Amazon and Microsoft. Kirkland Waterfront provides interesting sightseeing opportunities.

    This Renton, WA hotel is just 15 minutes from downtown Seattle with many popular attractions like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium. Additional nearby points of interest include Pioneer Square, Nike Town shopping center, Westfield Southcenter shopping mall, the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, the IKEA Performing Arts Center, Boeing Renton Factory tours and the Museum of Flight. Sports fans will especially appreciate the nearby Safeco Field and Qwest Field. A variety of restaurants is within walking distance.
  • Fawn Lake, Shelton, Washington

    Looking down the hillside at Fawn Lake, summer of 2010. You can hear kids hanging out at the dock.
  • Allyn House Inn Video

    300 feet waterfront in Allyn, Washington. Sellers have plans for a 37 room boutique hotel with conference room included in the sales price and a 50 foot set back permit from the water. That in itself is priceless. They have an ongoing kayak rental business and ice cream shop on the downstairs of the first edition and a one bedroom complete with kitchen suite upstairs that rents out nightly. They are selling the entire package at $1.1 million (recently appraised price by bank).