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  • Wild Tube Ride Part 1

    Tubing on Mason Lake.
  • Inspire 1 Flight at High Steel Bridge

    Shooting some 4k video (in the rain) using the DJI Inspire 1 at High Steel Bridge in Mason County, Washington.
  • Mason County Sheriff's Volunteer Awards

    Mason County Sheriff's Volunteer Group of the Year 2015
  • Heather Lake, Alpine Lake in Washington

    Heather Lake is located at the base of Mt Pilchuck, an easy 2.5 mile hike, and about 1,000 ft of elevation gain. It is open to hike early in the season due to it's relatively low elevation of 2,450 ft. 8.5 miles east of Granit Falls off the Mountain Loop Hwy. Holds cutthroat trout. 17.5 acres.
  • Fishing Clear Lake - Thurston County

  • Diving Mason Lake, WA

    Quick dive at the Simpson area of Mason Lake, just below the stream. Steep drop-off just off shore down to about 25'. Max depth about 40'. Thermocline around 35' in spots. Visibility was pretty poor. Too much trash from people throwing beer cans and whatever in the water!
  • The Skokomish River meets Lake Cushman

    I took my drone for a flight around the Skokomish River where it meets Lake Cushman.

    Lake Cushman is a 4,010-acre lake and reservoir on the north fork of the Skokomish River in Mason County, Washington.

    Video shot using a 3DR Solo quadcopter with a GoPro Hero 4 Black. Background acoustic played by Gabriella Quevedo.
  • Speelyai Kokanee Program

    Lake Merwin Kokanee Program, Speelyai Hatchery.
    Kokanee spawning from Speelyai hatchery, watch the entire process of the Kokanee spawn out at Speelyai hatchery on Lake Merwin in southwest Washington.
    We all need to remember the hard working staff that keep our fishery strong on lake Merwin Wa.
  • Fishing Clear Lake - Thurston County

  • Mason Lake Wv Multi Species Fishing

    Went out with the family to Mason Lake in Wv, tried for some trout, sadly didn't have any luck so I switched it up to the good 'ol classic worm and bobber and targeted panfish. I caught something i did not think I would catch and still don't know which species it is. After the GoPro died my wife who i know dub "The Bluegill Queen" caught a bunch of HUGE bluegill for a fish fry! It was a very interesting and fun day out on Mason Lake.

    Thanks for watching a FoReel-Okayish Fisherman try! If you like the content please feel free to subscribe to the channel and hit that bell so you know when i come out with more videos! Likes and Comments are always welcome! Once again thanks for watching!!