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  • Seattle, WA Hood Canal “Sofia”


    Situated between the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains in Mason County, Washington; Hood Canal is filled with world-class activities like SCUBA and skydiving, a thriving culinary scene sampling heavily from locally-sourced and wild-caught fare, an active social calendar packed with live music and community events and plenty of places to hide away from it all when you just want the world to yourself. A short jump from Seattle or Portland – your next adventure is right around the corner.

    Hood Canal is Washington's wild side. And it's here for you when you're ready to discover yours.
  • Living in Kitsap County Wa What I LOVE and what I HATE

    Living in Kitsap County WA- What I LOVE and What I HATE

    Search homes for sale in the entire Kitsap County area now, NO LOGIN required:

    Kitsap County WA is a wonderful place to live! It is one of the only places that I know of, where you can go to the mountains, the river and the ocean all in one day, and the economy is also very good here as well! But no place is perfect so here's what I love and what I'm not so crazy about.

    Search homes for sale in the entire Kitsap County area now, NO LOGIN required:

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    I am a full-time real estate consultant in Port Orchard, Wa. with my husband and 3 children. I love working with military families!

    I serve buyers and sellers in the Kitsap, Pierce, and Mason County area's. Including Port Orchard, Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Silverdale, Poulsbo, and Belfair.

    I am grateful for all you subscribers, both clients and Realtors, so thanks for watching my goofy videos!


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    Kitsap County has too much to offer, with its beautiful mountains, the ocean, and great places to hike.It also is centrally located to Seattle Wa. and Everett, Wa. Kitsap County also boasts a good economy.
  • MCCS - A Small, Private Christian School in Shelton, WA

    Mason County Christian School (MCCS) is a small, private christian school in Shelton, WA that boasts small class sizes, an encouraging learning environment and excellent academics.

    If you have a child or grandchild that may benefit from this environment, please schedule a time to visit our campus and learn how you can join our wonderful community.
    (360) 426-7616­ool
  • Vance Railriders Railcars you peddle Shelton Washington, Wa

    In Mason County Washington you can explore Washington by rail in a peddle cart ran by Vance Railriders.
  • Mother who slashed stranger’s throat during Taco Bell beef in Oregon sentenced to 7 years

    A Taco Bell customer in Sandy received a seven-year prison sentence for slashing the throat of a stranger who objected to her invective-laced rant about the restaurant’s service – all of which transpired as her two young children and boyfriend waited in their car, authorities said.

    Caley Mason, 22, of Maryland pleaded guilty in Clackamas County last month to second-degree assault in the brutal knife attack that left Jason Luczkow, 48, with an 8-inch gash from ear to Adam’s apple.

    The beef began after Luczkow, a Sandy resident, said he asked her to stop berating the Taco Bell employees.

    “She missed my jugular, missed my carotid artery by millimeters,” he told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Thursday. “It’s gruesome. It looks like I’m dead.”

    Read more about this story at The Oregonian/OregonLive:
  • High Steel Bridge on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington - Drone Footage

    A visit to the majestic High Steel Bridge in Washington State. More info on my blog.
  • Rainy Morning Walkies - Shelton, WA, 11-3-2018

    Yes indeed, through the constructions zones- where the city planners of this real city have me stymied by their plans.

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  • Inside George Washington's Masonic Cave

    We originally thought these were the first ever images brought to the public domain showing the inside of this fascinating and historic cave located just outside Charles Town in Jefferson County, West Virginia. (It turns we were wrong; a solitary black and white picture first surfaced in 1966. See below.)

    Deep within the cavern is an etched signature reading "G Washington 1748". To get to this back chamber you must wade through a waist-deep, 50 feet long pool of cold water all-the-while stooping to avoid the low-lying ceiling.

    While clearly some locals have visited and left their own marks on the walls over the past 270 years, what you see here has largely never been seen or documented by the outside world.

    George Washington would have been 15 or 16 years old when he carved his name here. Even though there is no definitive proof this signature is genuine (there is no eye witness account of him etching it!), there is nothing to suggest it isn't. Indeed, George Washington's own diary records he was in this area in the spring of 1748 as an apprentice surveyor.

    The first historical record of this signature's existence dates to 1833. While it's possible some unscrupulous hoaxer made the inscription in the 1830s, this theory requires some stretching of the mind, as GW's diaries had not yet been published at that point in time. In particular, his 1748 diary wasn't published until the 1920s. How would a hoaxer in the 1830s know precisely which year to scratch on the wall to suggest GW passed through as a teen?

    Washington is also infamously known as the country's first cave vandal; he tended to leave his mark at key sites he surveyed (Natural Bridge, VA being a prime such example, and the Madison Saltpetre cave in Grottoes, VA being another).

    The locale of this masonic cave must have been very important to Washington on a personal level. Several years after defacing its wall Washington started buying up large tracts of real estate in the immediate vicinity and eventually built a plantation and mansion (Bullskin) nearby. By 1770s two of Washington's brothers, along with several freemason brethren, purchased the very tract of land the cave sits on but did not develop it, lending credence to the historical report that Freemason lodge meetings were once held inside.

    This area of the colony (Jefferson County was part of Virginia at the time) was the wild and boundless "frontier" of its day. George Washington's three biological brothers also purchased estates nearby, and in fact Charles Town, WV was founded by and named after his youngest brother, Charles.

    According to (essentially now forgotten) history, George Washington and his freemason brothers at one point held lodge meetings inside of this cave (circa 1754). Numerous carved masonic emblems and symbols can still be seen throughout the cave. Masons continued to come here for some time due to the cave's connection with Washington. The last masonic celebration and meeting held inside the cave took place in 1844, nearly half a century after the death of the nation's first president. (This part of the cave's history was recorded in the 1866 Sidney Hayden book: "George Washington and His Masonic Compeers.")

    The pipes seen in our video were reportedly installed in 1928 by two local entrepreneurs who had hopes of turning the George Washington Cave into something of a tourist attraction. For the purchase of a hotdog one could enter the cave. Their endeavor, however, failed after just four years.

    The cave was briefly described and surveyed by a caver (William Davies, Caverns of West Virginia) in 1949.

    Another cave explorer, Dr. William Halliday, published the first and until now the only known photograph of the GW signature in his 1966 book, The Depths of the Earth.

    Otherwise, the cave has been abandoned and neglected ever since.

    For more info and photos about the cave and its historical significance, please visit:

    NOTE: This cave is located on private property and permission is required to visit or enter.

    Videotaped by Scott Carter and Jason Williams on May 26, 2018.
  • Olympia Watershed Park Trail, Washington

    Come join me on my adventure through the Olympia Wetland Trail on a misty Spring afternoon!