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  • Mason County is a perfect getaway!

    Come visit Mason County and Hood Canal. We are a fabulous destination
    for singles, couples and weekend getaway fun! Check out to learn more.
  • Ride over the Dam

    I got a chance to go for a crane ride to look at the new Salmon Transport when their spawning at the Lake Kokanee Dam.
  • Johns Creek Salmon near Shelton, WA

    Chum Salmon are returning to Johns Creek near Shelton this month to spawn. Although there are concerns about what effect the nearby "Powerline Two" fire may have on the water quality of the stream, the fish appear to be returning in good numbers.

    Mason County PUD No. 3's Johns Prairie operations center is located just south of the creek. Joel Myer, PUD 3 public information & government relations manager takes us along for a look at the fishy happenings:

    PUD 3, the Port of Shelton and City of Shelton joined forces to construct a water main to Johns Prairie from the city's system.

    The water main addresses two major issues in the area. It will reduce and avert withdrawals from the Johns Creek aquifer, protecting stream flows and critical salmon habitat. It will also address domestic water and fire flow requirements for commercial and residential development in the industrially zoned area of the Shelton Urban Growth Area.

    Construction of the water main also supported construction of the new PUD operations center.

    For questions or comments, please call Mason County PUD 3 at (360) 426-8255 or email
  • Washington state BASS TOURNAMENT

    Fishing a bass tournament at my local lake, we had some huge let downs this tournament, my friends lost a 3 and a 4 pounder which would've cashed us a check if he landed them.
  • ABANDONED MASONIC TEMPLE: Site Tour And Artifacts

    This building is at least 140 years old and three stories high. The "lodge" occupies the entire third floor. The Masons in this area abandoned this lodge and moved to a newer building in town approximately 20 years ago. For some time, I am told the actual Masonic Alter as well as a very large, round table were left within the building. There was also an abundance of Tarot cards scattered about in the Anteroom. Below are some links I thought were interesting in regard to Masonry. I have no opinion of Freemasonry either way--I do, however acknowledge their long history and mysterious ways as a very interesting and intriguing topic. As always, please feel free to comment on this video.

    Masonic information (Google Books)

    Lodge layout and links:

    A Mason Lodge is an Abomination To God link:
  • Mason County, Hoodsport Washington

    I haven't done this before, this is a compilation of the photos and videos that I have taken over the last several years. I tried to arrange them in a entertaining and visually sticking way. I have so many photos and videos it wasn't hard to find enough material to do it. This was a new endeavor for me so let me know what you think.
    Thank You
  • A day in the life of Karima Holmes, Director of Washington, DC’s Office of Unified Communications

    Follow along on a typical day in the nation’s capital with technology leader, Karima Holmes, who serves as the Director of Washington, DC’s Office of Unified Communications.

    Learn more about our Managed & Support Services for Public Safety agencies at

    Communications: The link to public safety…

    00:09: (Karima Holmes, Director – Office of Unified Communications) Being a leader in technology has been hard but I think it has also been very rewarding. We service over 27 law enforcement agencies here, including, fire and EMS. I have a very great support team here. 7 divisions and 7 chiefs that run those divisions and close to 400 employees and I’d listen to each and every one of them. My day to day is usually pretty scheduled, we’re usually preparing for something big in the district. I find time to come on the floor, talk to those that are out here that are actually doing the job. The job is very hard and not everyone can do it and so I really appreciate the people I work with. This agency has spearheaded a lot of things that have taken place across the county. That’s very important for us to lead the way. We are the nation’s capital. When I started we had huge, big push phones and now the technology has sprouted out. Text to 911 is now very broad across the United States. Location accuracy and cybersecurity is very important because the inevitable could happen. I like that there’s a reason behind what we do, you’ll always need the link to public safety.

    01:20: Every year, Washington D.C.’s Office of Unified Communications…
    01:25: Handles 3.1 million 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 calls for assistance.
    01:28: Dispatches first responders to support the 700,000 district residents and 20,000,000 annual visitors.
    01:35: Collaborates with 8,000 radios in the field.
    01:39: These unsung heroes are not often seen yet are always there to answer the call.

  • Charming Contemporary Lodge With Clean Lines And A Distinctive Architectural Glazed Front

    Sleek, with clean lines and a distinctive architectural glazed front, the Contemporary Lodge exudes the style and individual character synonymous of Wessex.

    Clad in CanExel (also available in a range of other claddings such as the beautiful Cedar wood shown), the Contemporary has two sets of patio doors to the front which afford fantastic holiday practicality with a true sense of style. Exterior lighting in the bold soffit overhead illuminates the front elevation at night and with its clean uncomplicated lines, natural light and versatile space, this lodge sits perfectly in any surrounding.

    The interior combines high style with luxurious accommodation and includes fully integrated appliances as standard. Highly atmospheric, the beautiful interior design incorporates freestanding furniture and natural linen fabrics giving a chic and modern feel.

    The Contemporary provides a wonderful spacious environment with everything needed for the perfect holiday… who could ask for more!
    Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks!

    More information at

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  • Speelyai Kokanee Program

    Lake Merwin Kokanee Program, Speelyai Hatchery.
    Kokanee spawning from Speelyai hatchery, watch the entire process of the Kokanee spawn out at Speelyai hatchery on Lake Merwin in southwest Washington.
    We all need to remember the hard working staff that keep our fishery strong on lake Merwin Wa.
  • Early Spring Prespawn Bass Fishing

    Did some early spring fishing with a buddy of mine on one of our favorite lakes to fish during the prespawn. Found a few fish on beds and a couple in open water, even a surprise from a turtle that came in for a close up. Great time of the year to get out on the water and enjoy this Washington weather. Hope you ENJOY!

    UPDATE: Haven't posted in awhile due to just being busy as hell along with loosing Gopro studio and having to learn a new editing program that I do not like. Will be trying to post more and interact with you subs much more frequently. Thanks for sticking around.

    Spinning Gear:

    7ft MH Berkley Rod
    Mayhem my200 Spinning reel
    15 Lb braid W/ #10 Seagar red label Leader
    Eagle claw 1OT offset Hooks
    5" Keitech senko's. (Bluegill pattern)


    7ft MH Denali Kovert
    Daiwa Tatula 7.3.1
    17LB Proline CXX copolymer fishing line
    4" jointed Swimbait (bluegill pattern)