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  • Mason County, Washington Overview

    Only 2 hours from Seattle, WA, Mason County has plenty of wilderness, salt water beaches and boating, mountains to climb, trails to explore, especially in the Olympic National Park. Take a peek at all the recreation and leisure activities.
  • HIgh Steel Bridge Mason County, WA

    HIgh Steel Bridge Mason County, WA
  • High Steel Bridge in Mason County WA

    Steel bridge over 400 ft canyon built in 1929 by Simpson Timber also railroad bridge shown in last part of video.
  • HIgh Steel Bridge Mason County, WA

  • Steel Bridge Mason County WA

    High Steel Bridge Mason County WA
  • HIgh Steel Bridge Mason County, WA

  • Mason County- Adventure by Impact Studio Pro

    Shelton Mason County Chamber Tourism Video
  • Breaking The Cycle: Women in Poverty in Mason County

    Breaking the Cycle: Women in Poverty in Mason County is a documentary investigating the cycle of poverty for women in Mason County, Washington. Through the testimonies of local women who utilize programs that support their efforts to obtain self-sufficiency and the professionals who regularly work with women in poverty, this documentary takes a closer look at the long journey it takes to break the relentless cycle poverty.
  • Deception Pass Bridge - Whidbey Island - Washington State

    Deception Pass Bridge is the only bridge to the island and it is simply an icon for local residents.

    Mysterious coves, rugged cliffs, jaw-dropping sunsets and a stomach-dropping high bridge make this area so attractive for local and international travelers.

    The bridge, one of the scenic wonders of the Pacific Northwest, is actually two spans, one over Canoe Pass to the north, and another over Deception Pass to the south. Construction began in August 1934, and the completed bridge was dedicated at noon on July 31, 1935. The Wallace Bridge and Structural Co. of Seattle, Washington provided 460 tons of steel for the 511-foot Canoe Pass arch and 1130 tons for the 976-foot Deception Pass span. The cost of construction was $482,000.

    In 1982, the bridge was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

    It cost more to paint the spans in 1983 than it did to build them in 1935. They were painted again in 1997.

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  • Mason County- Family by Impact Studio Pro

    Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce tourism video.