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  • Grand Masonic Lodge Texas Drone Footage

    The stunning Grand Masonic Lodge of Texas Aerial 4k video. These are a few clips of this historic structure and all its majesty for you viewing pleasure. Special Permissions were obtained.
  • Lake Cushman | Fall camping

  • THE SECRET SOCIETY OF FREEMASONS . The final ideal of Freemasonry - full Documentary film

    Masonry (Freemasonry, French Franc-maçonnerie, English Freemasonry..) - A movement which appeared in 1717 in the form of a secret society. Ethics and Philosophy of Freemasonry based on the monotheistic religions, the ancient constitution of Freemasons, their regulations, statutes and ulozhenija. Freemasonry originates from obscure origins in the late XVI - the beginning of XVII century, presumably from the construction company of masons. The name "Mason" or "Freemason" comes from the French. franc-maçon (. in Old French masson, English freemason), also used the literal translation of the name - freemason [1].

    Masonry administratively organized in the sovereign Grand Lodges (in some countries, "Grand Orient"), each of which directs the Masonic lodges within the boundaries of its own jurisdiction. The number of boxes, usually ranges from 15 to 100 people, territorially united. Local lodges established the Grand Lodge, which in one country there is only one. Some Grand Lodges recognize each other, some are not, depending on the following ancient Masonic rules [1] [2].

    There are also Masonic bodies, which consist of members of symbolic Masonic lodges, and who have their own independent governments. However, in some Masonic organizations symbolic lodges may be subject to the governing bodies of these organizations [1].

    Freemasonry symbolically uses the tools of building partnerships and legends about the construction of Solomon's Temple to express metaphorically what and Masons, and their critics described as "a system of morality, hidden in allegory and illustrated by symbols" [3] [4].

    The basic version of the origin of Freemasonry is considered version of the origin of the medieval building partnerships, but there are theories of a more ancient origin of Freemasonry, the beginning of which is derived from the Knights Templar, or - in other versions - from the Rosicrucian Order
  • Harstine Island, Shelton, WA

  • Lake Cushman, WA Drone Footage

    Some drone footage above Lake Cushman near Skokomish, WA. Sweeping shots over the water and above the trees.

    Filmed with DJI Mavic Pro.
    If your interested in purchasing a Mavic Pro click the link below:

    Editing performed with BlackMagic Resolve
  • Shelton Washington's new Rail to Trail

    A wonderful new hiking trail in Shelton Washington? This starts on the current Goldsborough Creek trail.
  • Exploring An Old Masonic Lodge In Colorado

    This Lodge was chartered in 1895 and the building was erected in 1900. It was home to the local Freemasons and members of the Order of the Eastern Star while local chapters of the Odd Fellows, among other fraternal groups, also frequently met here. At its prime there were over 120 active Masons who belonged to this Lodge. As the population of the town dwindled throughout the 20th century, so did the membership here. Eventually there was no-one left to manage it and the various Masonic decorations made their way to the small local history museum and the Lodge now sits quiet and empty.

    For more information and photos, see my blog post here:
  • Shelton Washington's new Rail to Trail

    A wonderful new hiking trail in Shelton Washington? This starts on the current Goldsborough Creek trail.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Campground + Abandoned Camp Sites

    Picture slideshow of Dosewallips Campground
    Olympic National Park, Washington
    Storm damaged campsites and Ranger Station
  • Lake Cushman WA Memorial Day Weekend 2016